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Myths & Superstitions about Cats (Part 2)

When I'm driving slowly through a residential neighborhood, especially if I'm running early (that's right, I said running early, not late, because I almost always get everywhere early) I'll drive extra slowly and try to see if I can spot any pets in people's windows.

Is that weird?

Well, anyway, just in the past two days I saw two different orange tabby cats - one was sitting inside of his glass storm door, just looking out (I'm pretty sure he saw me wave to him like a lunatic) and the other one was outside following his human around in their front yard, so I decided to look and see if there are any orange cat specific myths and superstitions...

The answer is.... No, not really.

Other than being thought of as one of the friendliest types of cats, all I really found was a silly little thing on that says, "A ginger cat crossing your path means you will be well-liked by others," and "A ginger cat will reduce arguments in a home."

I didn't want to do a whole post about all of the awful beliefs about black cats because they've already been done before, and if I started writing about how one crazy ass pope in the 1230's implicated them in devil worship, which resulted in countless numbers of cats being tortured, burned, skinned alive, etc.... well, that would end up being more of a rant than a fun article. (If I knew how to insert an emoji here, I would put a little winky face.)

So, here's what I came up with for you instead; Superstitions - specifically about different colored cats - from around the world!

  • In Scotland, arriving home to find a black cat on your porch means you will come into some wealth

  • In Thailand, the wedding gift of two Korat cats (grey) means prosperity for the new couple

  • In the UK, having a white cat enter your home is thought to be an indication of tough times ahead

  • Almost everywhere in the world believes that calico cats are lucky: the black color will protect the owner from negativity, envious people, enemies, the evil eye, and corruption; the red color will bring financial well-being, take away diseases from those living in the house; and the white fur - a symbol of purity - will fill the home with light, energy, tranquility, and harmony.

  • In Southeast Asia, it is believed that tortoiseshell cats came from "the blood of a young goddess, born of a lotus flower," and, according to Japanese fishermen, bringing one of these cats onto a boat can give protection against storms and ghosts

  • In some Mediterranean countries, when a white cat takes a liking to a child, it is a sign that the child will grow up to be a good person and achieve great things

  • Seeing a tortoiseshell cat in Normandy is an omen for death by accident

  • In India, seeing three black cats together is considered very lucky.

  • To reverse the curse of a black cat crossing your path in The Netherlands - first walk in a circle, then go backward across the spot from where it happened and count to 13

  • American superstitions; Dreaming of a white cat is good luck, to see a white cat on the road during the day is lucky, and, it is UNlucky to see a white cat at night

Let me know if you've heard of any others!

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