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The Hardest Part about Pet Sitting

For me, and, I guess, for other pet sitters that are true animal lovers, the hardest part of my job is saying goodbye.

I mean this quite literally - when I have to leave your house after spending time with your pet, it can often take me a good five minutes or longer to tell them how much I love them, how cute they are, how good they are, how much I'll miss them while I'm away, how much their family misses them, how many more times I get to come back to visit before their humans get home, how much longer it will be until I get to see them again, etc.

(I even do this for the ferrets, and if you follow my IG or FB posts, you know that they are not my favorite creatures, but I still talk to them like a weirdo.)

That's what happens when I actually DO know when I'll be seeing them again, If you don't already have me booked for a future visit when it's time for me to say goodbye, the process can take even longer, and there's a very real possibility that I will cry.

I just get so attached to them (how can you not?!) and I'm realizing that you really NEVER know what could happen, and when a goodbye is a final goodbye.

*oh, and, side note - I never actually SAY, "Goodbye." Oh no no. It's always, "See you later," or "See you next time!"

Gus. Anne. Meeka. Brody. Luna. Noel. Beans. Simon.

Those are some of the names of the clients that I've lost this year. They're the reasons why goodbyes are so hard.


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